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Is this your first time here?

The three steps to gaining access course materials on this learning hub are to book a course, create a unique learning account and finalise course enrolment.

1. To book a course for you and your team or to find out more information about learning programs, certification options and course pricing contact us today.

2. To create a unique learning account fill out all required fields in the new account form, which can be accessed by clicking on the Create new account button at the bottom of this message.

  • Please note, it is a requirement of a number of our certification partners that only real names be used in learning accounts. To ensure you are eligible for certification, you must therefore enter your actual name in the First name and Surname fields of the new account form.
  • On completion of the new account form, an email will be sent to the email address that you supplied. Read this e-mail and click on the web link it contains. Your new unique learning account will then be confirmed.

3. To finalise course enrolment, we will add you to the course that you have booked with us, normally within one working day of the creation of your unique learning account. You will be able to access all course materials from the moment we have finalised your enrolment.

If you encounter any problems or unexpected delays with registration and enrolment, please either speak to your training coordinator or contact us.